Blog or Not Blog

30 Second Article on Blogs

In the old days – a few years ago by internet time – a blog was primarily an expressive medium. A ‘blogger’ would explore a subject and people would check back regularly and read the blog posts. For a while, there was a dream about syndicated content being distributed automagically to each reader.

Bloggers Still Blog, but a blog website is now much more. It is a great foundation for a business website.

It’s designed to be reasonably easy to edit, and it’s designed so that the content originator (the boss or marketing team usually) can have the latest content added in-house.

Keeping a website current is important, and blog based websites make it more efficient.

BUT ... instead of a 'blog' just call it content. Articles or Resources or FAQ or Support ...

The web traffic you receive is a result of the information that’s on your web site, and the links that are referring to your web site. One of Google’s insights when the boys were still in school was to rank web sites based on the quality of links to that web site.

I like blog platforms like Wordpress for their ease of adding content, and it needs the same planning as other website approaches. If you don’t plan properly, the new content won’t do it’s job.

Helpful Hints
  • List your email address and contact information is easy to find.
  • Make sure you use the words people are looking for.
  • Remove commenting capability from the website.
  • Make it easy to find your services and products.
  • Plan your design for your audience.

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