Choosing a Domain Name

30 Second Article on Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name has to be easy to say.

You can buy your domain for about $15 a year. If you don’t want your registration info to be public (name, address, and email) then you can buy privacy services for a bit more.

Buy the .com if you can, and if the .com is taken, and goes to a business that’s like yours, then find another name. If you get the .net, or add a dash, your customers will go to the .com site, and it won’t be you.

Say your web address a few times to make sure it’s easy on the phone.

Do a trademark search to see if the name is part of someone elses property.

Avoid the funny extensions unless you have a reason for it. For example .biz, .info, .ws, .cc, …

Get the common spelling errors of your domain. You can forward them to your real web site.

Buy your domain yourself.

Some suggestions – make sure you will have your email address for many years. If it’s a local internet provider, and there is a chance you may move or change provides, get an address you can keep long term.

You will receive dozens of ‘renewals’ and warning emails related to services you don’t need or want. Ignore them, and just make sure to renew the domain using the service you used to register it.

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