Graphics and Photos for the Web

30 Second Article on Graphics and Photos for the Web

Is it your photo, drawing, or graphic?

Photos found on the web may or may not be used on your website. Even if it says 'free' or 'stock' or whatever, it is best to hunt down the original source, and if you still want to use it, pay the license fee or get permission from the artist or photographer.

The best photos and graphics are those you took, a friend took, or a paid employee or contractor provided.

The least expensive professional photos will be from the major stock photo websites.

Copyright law favors the owner of the photo or graphic. Avoid offshore repositories of photos and graphics, since they likely don't have the rights to distribute them.

Pay attention to how the photo will be used. For example, a rehab or cancer center website cannot use regular stock photos. The fine print will explain it.

Size matters. Too small a file, and it will not look good. Too large a file and it will take a long time to load.
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