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30 Second Article on SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it means “being found on the internet”.

Good SEO Consulting means “being found on the internet by your customers”, since a thousand visitors who are not potential customers are not terribly useful, but when people find you to do business with you, it's huge.

For some of my clients, one good lead pays for their website a dozen times over. “Quality, not Quantity”.

“Thousands of Search Engines!!!” Ever get that email? How many search engines do you use? Most of us use a couple.

When you get an email that says that for a small monthly fee – about the cost of a pizza and a couple of beers – it will submit your website to thousands of search engines, who are we kidding.

And to do it monthly is not good. The equivalent of someone knocking on your door selling junk – over and over again. Cancel that service.

The Truth about Search
Search engines are successful only if they provide you with results that are useful.

Like sparrows leaving a feeder, we will all go to the next search engine website if it’s better. My job is to make your web site better.

It should benefit your client, which benefits the search engine (the sparrows keep feeding), which benefits you.

There are many things I look at when I review a web site for possible improvement, but I’ll share this one with you for free.

Use the words your clients use to find your services.
Simple, but a bit of an art. Word crafting, research, and a creative pencil.

For a review of your web site, call or email us. What is a new client worth to you?

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